Go Green With Poly Tarps

What is one of the universal signs of “I am a victim of a disaster”? How about the bright blue tarp? Covering part of a house or out-building, these eye-catching bright blue tarps draw your attention immediately and signal a problem.

BOEN Heavy Duty Blue Poly Cover 20 ft. W x 40 ft. L Tarp Waterproof,  Tarpaulin-BT-2040 - The Home Depot

The bright blue tarp is fine if, say, you are on a dessert island and wish to be spotted from an airplane. Bright blue tarps are also fine if you want everyone in your neighborhood to know that you are undergoing major home repair. And if you’re a refugee in a war-torn area protected by the United Nations, then there’s no place like home compared to a lean-to covered by a bright blue tarp.

But are you on a dessert island? Are you in a refugee camp? Do you really need the whole neighborhood to know that you are repairing your roof? If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, then maybe you would be happier with a green tarp clear tarpaulin.

Green tarps, unlike their blue tarp counterparts, are not quite as harsh on the eyes. Rather than shouting their presence, they are much more subtle, under-the-radar, and more likely to blend in with their surroundings. A green tarp on your roof, for example, might blend in with your shingles. A green tarp covering your car is less likely to announce its presence. And a green tarp covering your shed or woodpile in your backyard blends in peacefully with its surroundings, without ruining your view.

Most tarp vendors have a wide variety of green tarps, from forest green medium duty tarps to super heavy-duty green tarps. Crafted from high quality materials, these tarps are waterproof, tear-resistant, and coated with a UV inhibitor that protects the tarp against sun damage and thus prolongs the life of the tarp.

Using a Tarp to Protect Your Valuable Assets

When raw building materials such as lumber get exposed to rain, wind, and sun, the materials can often be damaged beyond the point of usability. This can amount to major losses and add expense to a building project. Likewise, equipment left exposed to rain and sun can rust and flood until it requires a costly repair. And when water in an engine or in raw materials washes chemicals such as oil, antifreeze, paint, cleaners, pesticides, or herbicides into the surrounding street or soil, it can damage our environment.

For these reasons, using a medium-duty or heavy-duty green tarp is not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it also protects individuals and businesses from otherwise costly repairs, and it protects our environment. Furthermore, unlike plastic sheeting, which is easily damaged, a poly tarp can be used multiple times, thus reducing waste that would otherwise end up in a dumpster – and eventually in a landfill.

In short, green poly tarps protect your building assets, your equipment and supplies, and simultaneously protect the environment. Compared to the industry standard’s bright blue tarp, the high-quality green tarps created by many tarp companies offers protection and security, while at the same time, these green tarps look better and don’t shout for attention the way a blue tarp does. The next time you buy a tarp for your home or your business, consider a green poly tarp to blend in with the environment.

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