What’s Behind the Boom in Customized QR Codes?

If no one told you anything about Quick Response Codes, you probably would have no idea what those awkward looking black and white symbols meant. Unlike more traditional UPC bar codes, QR Codes have not been widely used in the United States until relatively recently สร้าง qr code. And, as you might expect, they have been largely ignored by consumers.

But that’s changing…

Until very recently, QR Codes have been mostly generic. They carry no obvious call to action, company identification, or other clues as to why they appear and how consumers are supposed t react to them. So unless the consumer is tech savvy, the code appears to have no added value to the message in which it appears. Most readers just turn the page, drive by the billboard, or disregard the postcard and never give the code a second thought.

One reason for this is that the codes were originally used by Japanese car manufacturers to keep track of thousands of parts. The Japanese didn’t even start using them in marketing until the late 1990’s.

Eventually, Japanese companies wised up to the potential marketing power of these unique codes. (Marketers in the United States have been much slower to catch on, though.) Now American marketers are finding ways to leverage this information-rich tool with customized QR Codes. Put simply, a customized code is one that uses all the same technology of the generic ones but with the added value of image-driven graphics. By adding logos, color, photographs, and other tools custom codes tell the consumer that there is more to the message than first meets the eye.

QR Code design starts with the technical aspects; the use of precisely placed black and white areas of the code. But with a custom code, artistic elements are added. QR Code art takes that plain looking, but highly technical, piece of imagery and adds distinguishing elements such as a logo or color or a photo to make the code relate to the rest of the message. The end result is that the consumer feels more compelled to use the code, to scan it with a picture phone and see what the hidden message is.

Some companies use custom codes strictly as a way to get the consumer to a website. Others rely on customized QR Codes to make special offers to an elite component of their market, like smart phone users. A small business might choose a custom code to provide contact information and a map to their location. Still others might change their customized codes weekly to try different appeals or special offers. The application of customized QR Codes is also changing. Once found only in print ads, the codes now appear on billboards, postcards, t-shirts, and even, in at least one case, tattooed onto the shoulder of a fitness trainer indulging in some guerrilla marketing.

As the use of these unique codes continues to grow and the codes show up in more and more places, differentiating the code will become more and more urgent. Drawing attention through QR Code art in keeping with the company image can go a long way to making custom QR codes ever more useful as a mobile marketing tool.

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