Getting a Flat Tummy is Not That Difficult

I am not saying that you can lose 100 pounds like those biggest losers on the TV show, unless you are already 400 pounds. This advice is for those who basically earn a living by being on a desk in front of the computer most of the day and way past the evenings on several days. This advice is for those medium built guys who are not very fat and but have a pot belly that cannot not view your own toes when you look down.

If you are not fat, have medium size arms and a torso of medium width, you don’t look very great. A medium built guy with a pot belly looks a lot worse than a fat guy with a pot belly. But I am sure you are happy and are earning well. You can afford most luxuries and you would be content. But in all your internet profiles, like Facebook, Bebo or Orkut, you have only uploaded those 3 year old pictures and you always refused to have your photograph. And, you are getting conscious of my tummy everyday.

I know you have a date sand or nice homely girls would be willing to go out with you, but whenever you try to hook up with that office blonde, she would just ignore you. This is called a late 20’s working life crisis, when the middle starts to grow and girls are not willing to go out for a quick fling.

I also went through the same thing, and here is an advice for getting back your charm. Your single minded focus should be to get a flat tummy and you can try to get a six Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews pack later.

You just need to follow a couple of things religiously:

Join a Gym:

Working out alone just does not work and you need to see those bulging muscles at the gym to really get motivated. I would suggest you prepay your membership for the year so that you will be at least compelled to go to the gym.

When in the gym, love the treadmill. It is great to have huge biceps and lifting a dumbbell is easier and more interesting than running on the treadmill, but it is the treadmill that will help you shed those mid waist fat.

Do at least 45 minutes of Jogging each day. You can start with 15 minutes and slowly graduate to 45 minutes. Get an iPod, load your favorite song and just run.

You should choose a Gym where you see a lot pretty girls. Nothing motivates you more than seeing pretty girls working out beside you.

Don’t forget to do crunches everyday. Start with 10 crunches but you should aim to do at least 500 at the end of 3 months. It took me more than a year of working out, and I also found some tricks for doing stomach exercises and today my stomach is very flat. I have cut down on my fat and carbohydrate Intact. I still love my steak and chicken, but I avoid potatoes. I do have a small bowl of rice with lot of veggies and beans.

My next target is to get those six pack abs. It takes a different approach, but I am sure I can do it and so can you.

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