How to Treat Black Gums and Improve Your Dental Health

A slight change in the color is easily visible and brings down our confidence level. However more than just an appealing look you should be concerned about your dental health. There are many reasons for your gums to turn black and it has a lot to do with the lifestyle that we live.

Not following proper dental care leads to multiple problems. Gum Diseases, Gingivitis, Periodontal Diseases and tooth decay are the most common dental problems. The factors which lead to dark gums are:

1. Hereditary
2. Certain Medications
3. Smoking
4. Chewing Tobacco
5. Lack of Oral Hygiene
6. Improper Nutrition
7. Tartar or Plaque formation

While undergoing a teeth restoration or teeth extraction process your dental professional might use a silver amalgam. This will give a grayish tinge to the gums. The grayish patches are spotted by black gums which can be seen around the dental crown, filling and dentures. Dental Specialists are the only ones who can treat these conditions. However you need to make an effort from your end to improve the lifestyle such as:

1) You need to ensure that you follow proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.
2) After you have brushed and flossed you need to gargle your mouth by a mouthwash. Instead of mouthwash you can also use lukewarm water with a pinch of salt.
3) Give up the habits of smoking and tobacco.
4) Your diet should consist of food which is rich in Vitamins, minerals and every other nutrient which will keep your body healthy.
5) Adopt healthy habits such as exercise, yoga and meditation.
6) Visiting a dentist for regular dental checkups.

Apart from lifestyle and improper dental care the other reasons which turn our gums black are:

a) Oral Infections
b) Dead tissues in our gums
c) Black gum disease
e) Internal gum bleeding
f) Malignant Melanoma
g) Ulcerative gingivitis

If in case these conditions have been spotted then make sure you get them treated immediately. To treat these conditions your doctor will give you antibiotic medications such as clavulanic acid amoxicillin and metronidazole. If these medicines do not have any positive affect then you need to consult a periodontal surgeon who will remove the damaged tissues.

If you have pink gums then it means that your gums are healthy. There is no rocket science in maintaining proper dental health and all you have to do is follow some simple dental cleaning habits. These habits are:

a) Choose the correct toothpaste and especially fluoride based toothpaste. Fluoride based toothpaste will help in strengthening your enamel and also keeping your gums healthy.
b) Toothbrush should be such that it can Dentitox Pro  maneuver inside your mouth. Do not buy hard bristle brush as it may hurt your gums. You can also opt for electric toothbrush.
c) Brushing between meals is very important as it will help in removing any food that is stuck. Food which gets stuck and not removed will lead to dental plaque and eventually tooth decay.
d) Flossing helps in removing food which has not yet been removing despite brushing twice.
e) Go for regular dental checkups so that you can be sure about your healthy mouth.

These are some of the ways through which our gums turn black and their cure. There are multiple natural care also which you can follow such drinking green tea, using Sesame oil, Aloe Vera and many other natural resources.

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