How To Experience A Prostate Massage Orgasm With These Prostate Stimulation Ideas

Prostate massage stimulation can give any man amazing orgasmic pleasure. Most men do not realise the power of prostate stimulation. It is even possible to have a dry orgasm that is so powerful. These types of male g spot stimulation climaxes are incredible. You do not lose any sexual energy and you do are not gay.

Compared to a normal ejaculation, a prostate orgasm is felt in all areas in the body from the toes to the top of the head. The energy moves out of the pelvic area so the experience is much more powerful. One could compare this to a female g spot orgasm. These are deeper than a female clitoris orgasm.

The biggest thing women hate about men is that they come too soon. The woman is not really satisfied with the normal 10 minute sex routine. A man can learn to have a prostate orgasm without ejaculation. This means that the man does not want or need to go to sleep after sex. He can make love for hours and have many dry orgasms again and again. His penis stays strong allowing his women to fully melt into her orgasmic energy.

How To Start Prostate Massage Stimulation

One of the best ways to start is to do a self prostate massage. One can also ask your partner to touch your anal region in foreplay and in sex. One must have a clean anus for obvious reasons. One can also use an examination glove like doctors use to avoid any hint of getting dirty.

A guy normally contracts his body as he builds up to a normal ejaculation orgasm. The key to a prostate orgasm is a surrendering to the energy and falling into the experience. I have found the other key is to make sounds deep from my belly. This allows the energy to travel from the genitals to other areas of the body. Practice relaxing and making sounds and you will find that the orgasms will get stronger and stronger.

Where is the Male G spot

One calls the male g spot the prostate gland. The prostate gland is responsible for seminal fluid and is prostate protocol reviews located under the bladder.

By going inside the anus about 1 to 2 inches and feeling upwards you will find a sensitive area. A man will know when you touch the correct spot. Usually it is about 1 inch in diameter. One can also use a sex toy to touch this area.

Another advantage of these sex toys is that they are flared so they can not get lost in the anus. Many guys do not want to use their fingers for prostate massage. So the use of a toy is one solution.

Make sure you lube the anus and prostate area before any anal play. This is vital for pleasure. Any anal play should not be painful in any way.

These days there are specific sex toys that allow a man to make love and have their prostrate stimulated with no need for their partner to do anything. They work on the anal muscles moving the sex toy to stimulate the prostate gland. Man to top positions work the best.

Before you start any male g spot strokes it is important to relax the anal ring of muscles. Most men and women have a lot of tension in this area. This needs to be relaxed before any insertion on a man massage and for anal sex with a woman.

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