Prostate Enlargement

Prostate enlargement shows up in men as they age, prostate gland, located in front of the rectum and bellow the bladder. The walnut size prostate gland produce prostatic fluid into urethra as sperm move through during ejaculation. As men aged, their prostate glands will swell and thereby pinches the urethra tube, the bladder becoming thicker and irritated and unable to empty itself fully and this will lead to urinary problems. The swelling of prostate is called “benign prostatic hyperplasia” (BPH) and is not at all cancerous.

Prostate enlargement is a very common disorder, more than 50% of all men in their 60′ have prostate enlargement and almost all men in their 70s.

It’s more common in American and European men than Asian men.

The prostate goes through two stages of growth. The first is when a male reaches puberty where the prostate nearly doubles its size, and right after the age of 25, it begins to grow again. This growth rush causes BPH and most of urinary woes. Urinary difficulties are experienced by almost everyone, from the young down to the old. But middle aged and older men tend to deal with urinary problems more often than not. If a person goes to the restroom to urinate more than 4-8 times a day, and if one has to get up frequently at night just to pee, urinary tract problems are probably present and could be caused by a swollen prostate.

The causes of benign prostatic “Hyperplasia” or prostate enlargement are unknown. But there are three possible and probable reasons why prostates do tend to enlarge. The first one is age, with which 90% of men experiences urinary symptoms caused by the enlargement of the prostate. The second is inflammation of the prostate gland caused by bacteria. And lastly, the difference in one’s hormonal balance is also believed to be a contributing factor as well.

Symptoms of prostate enlargement includes having to urinate frequently, sudden strong urges to urinate, difficulty starting or stopping urination, pain when urinating, presence of blood in urine, frequent urination during nighttime and difficulty emptying the bladder.

However, if you have any of the above symptoms a number of treatments are available.

If you are in favor of natural herbal medicine, than look for products which contain “SAW PALMETTO”, clinical studies have shown Saw Palmetto working well for the relief of symptoms of the prostate enlargement.

Swollen prostates can be also treated with the following simple steps such as taking antibiotics if it is caused by an infection, soaking in hot bath, frequent ejaculation which prostate protocol reviews makes the prostate work, cutting back on fluids after dinner, quitting smoking, herbal remedies (Flax-seed Oil or Fish Oil and Zinc) and some form of prostate massage. Some also tend to undergo surgery for enlarged prostates which require longer hospital stay.

If one feels and starts to experience symptoms of swollen prostates, first and foremost that needs to be done is to see and consult a doctor and undergo a diagnosis. If the prostate enlargement is the cause of the symptoms, then it has to be evaluated again for its severity.

The healing power of plants and herbs formulas improved remarkably over 5000 years. I do believe in nature healing and want to help you to find the right treatment to improve your health. Our body absorbs natural ingredients much easier than chemical drugs.

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