The Growth of WordPress Blogs and the Use of Templates for Setting Up Blogs

Over 351 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month and users produce an average of around 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments daily on their WordPress blogs. Not just individuals use WordPress, publishers alike are using it to create all kinds of sites. The flexibility and countless features of WordPress allow publishers to create news sites, official company websites, social networks, forums and much more.

More and more people are turning to WordPress for their abundant features which include themes, plug-ins, widgets, the support for multi-user and multi-blogging and also its adaptability to use on mobile gadgets. Update your website from anywhere!

The creators of WordPress have made it so simple for users by offering easy-to-use WordPress templates They are simple to customise and are certain to give you the best blogging experience. With all the free and premium blog templates available, who would be crazy enough not to take advantage of them?

Setting up a WordPress blog using templates saves time, effort and money. There is such a wide selection that you are guaranteed to find a few that fit your needs. Furthermore, the WordPress community is continuously and actively producing new themes each day. These blog templates are easy to install and customize. With the freedom to change it around, you can keep a unique appearance which best represents you and your blog.

The coding and structure of WordPress templates are also great for search engines (if you’re into that sort of thing). This is particularly useful for businesses or bloggers who profit from their WordPress blog. And because WordPress is scalable, it grows along with you as your blog continues to evolve. Create thousands of pages, blog articles, images and so on without ever slowing down your site.

No doubt about it, entertainment sells. And the good thing about this method is that it’s easy. When you post a blog that people want to read, they are first attracted to what you have to say. An embedded entertaining video works great here. Then on that blog page, there is a “squeeze page” with an “opt-in” link might distract the person, and they will click on that and become enticed to buy in.

With this type of promotion, you are pretty much at the mercy of viral marketing. The content you would want to post in this case should be as entertaining as possible because the thing is here, you want as many people as possible to “like” and pass onto their friends. Did you ever get a really stupid video in an email from a friend that has had thousands of hits? That’s the kind of blog post you want to do with entertainment viral marketing.

Method #2: How do bloggers earn money? With hard-core SEO strategies…

The second way, however, is what I like to do when “blogging for income”. I like to additionally blog around keyword phrases that people will type in like, for example, “Blogging for Traffic”. When you go to Google and type in Blogging for Traffic, on the first page you’ll see a link to my video, “Blogging for Traffic”.

That’s my YouTube “blog announcement” which is another strategy I use to get my links to rank on page on of Google, which brings free traffic. I use my blog as the platform to link to my YouTube video. When there are enough back-links pointing to my video with my blog, articles, and other blogs, then the permalink is likely to rank on page one.

This method, of course, does require some keyword research, which is how I begin my blog posts. I simply to go the free Google site, “” to search for a particular keyword phrase to see how many people are currently searching for that keyword phrase.

The good news here is that, once I get my link to rank, I know from doing the keyword phrase research that it’s only a matter of time before people will be click on my link, which brings free traffic, leading to free leads and automatic sign-ups.

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