The Five Things to Do to Make Money Blogging

The ability to make money blogging is the dream of a huge number of people online. Sure, there are a lot of people who setup a blog and run it for fun, but many of them will still throw up a few AdSense ads to try and make a little bit of cash. Then there are the more serious blog marketers.

In this article we’re going to have a look at five things you should be doing if you want to take the idea of trying to make money blogging seriously.

We’ll look at how often you should add fresh content, then there’s the quick way of getting your site seen by people interested in your niche, followed by ways to monetize your blog, how to make sure people find it in the search engines, and finally, the one thing you should be doing after each blog post you make.

1. Add fresh content as often as possible. Some of the most successful blog marketers add new blog posts at least once a day.

You may not have the time to sit down and write fresh content each and every day but, the good news is you don’t have to pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c. If you can find some time once or twice a week where you can spend a couple of hours writing new blog posts for the following few days, you can save them all in the admin section of WordPress (as a ‘draft’ copy) and then just publish them as you need them.

Doing this means you can still post fresh content every day and get the search engines coming back to index you. The more they come back the quicker your new blog posts show in the rankings, which means you start moving up them for your chosen keywords, start getting more blog traffic, new readers, and it’ll increase sales, so you’ll start to make money blogging.

2. Start to swapping keyword relevant links. The search engines put a lot of credibility into the number and quality of the backlinks you have coming to your site, if the backlinks come from sites that are in your niche they tend to think that your blog must be relevant to that niche too.

This will all help to increase your page rank (PR). Find sites that are good quality i.e. they have a lot of good fresh content and aren’t just putting up loads of adverts, and make sure they aren’t your direct competitors.

Next you should make sure that the backlinks to your blog use a keyword that you want to rank well for. Text links are far better for your keyword rank than just having your web address plastered over someone else’s website.

All of this boosts your blogs SEO, and that’s going to mean you start to get a nice flow of blog traffic, in other words, more people to help you to make money blogging to.

3. You need to monetize to make money blogging. Two things you should do if you haven’t already: join Google AdSense and join ClickBank.

If you’re blogging about a specific niche then check out ClickBank to see if anybody is selling an affiliate product you can promote. If you find one, and your blog posts are aimed at helping people in your niche, then you can recommend the affiliate product as a way of solving their problem.

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