Vivo V21 Pro – Three Big Questions That Are Answered

According to latest reports by 91Mobiles, the Vivo V21 Pro has been set to be introduced in the second half of 2021. This is the second big smartphone to come out of the already released portfolio of smartphones from Vivo. With most of the older models already launched, Vivo is looking forward to introduce the Pro models from here on Vivo V21 Pro. The dual chip Android smartphone is powered by an ARM processor backed with a 1GB of RAM. The phone also has a variety of features like video playback, music player, GPS, and internet browser among many others.

The software support for this smartphone from Vivo includes EMUI interface, HTC Sense, and Android operating system 4.2.2. This has been confirmed by the sources that the company is working closely with HTC to ensure smooth and seamless operation of the software and will henceforth include it in its future devices. The standard edition of this device is priced at Rsnine30 including tax and will be available immediately. The higher variant of this particular smartphone has a higher price tag of Rs1520 and will be available only after buying the two other variants from Vivo.

One of the most asked questions from the Vivo V21 Pro users is whether the smartphone would get launched on Indian dates. Well, the smartphone has yet to be launched in India but it will be launched in Pakistan on 21st of April 2021. It is expected that the company will take this decision after launching the devices in Pakistan and UAE. However, all these details are yet to be finalized.

The second biggest question that many Vivo Y72 fans have is that if the smartphone will be launched in India. The answer to this question is actually not simple. The reason for this is not very clear. However, the market in India is increasing every single day and this demand is not going to vanish any time soon. In other words, there is no chance of the company discontinuing its operations in India anytime in the near future. The launch date of this smartphone in India has therefore already been postponed as per the operational necessities of the company.

The third question that is raised is whether the Vivo V21 Pro will be available in SIM free. We have to tell you here that the SIM free version of this smartphone is already existent in India. This is because the demand for it is extremely high. It has been available in many countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and others but this has been restricted to a few handsets. We guess that the company is focusing on the demand in India because of the great response that it has been getting from the consumers.

If the demand for the Vivo V21 Pro increases, we can expect the launch of its successor to be also launched in a short period of time. The handset was first launched along with the all-new Vivo Y 72 Pro. This was the first handset to be made available in this new series. Since the launch of the Y series, there has been a significant improvement in the quality and functionality of the phones. Therefore, we can expect a launch of another smartphone in a few months from now, which will most probably be the Vivo V21 Pro.

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