What Are the Most Common Parasitic Worms?

A wide range of parasitic worms use the human body as their host. And while there are more than a https://bensupstairs.com/how-to-clear-a-cloudy-pool-with-baking-soda thousand different types of these parasites that have been identified through extensive research, only a few are easily detected through common laboratory tests. Here are the most common types of parasites that may someday find their way into your body.

Affecting over a billion people worldwide, the roundworm is probably the most common of all human parasites. They usually live in your intestines, lay about 300,000 eggs each day and grow to as much as 15 inches long. Constipation and flu-like symptoms are the most common indications of roundworm infection. Extreme cases require surgical removal.

Pinworms, also known as threadworms, are also very common with over 500 million people affected, a majority of which are children. Itching around the anal area is a characteristic symptom of the presence of pinworms. They can be easily spotted either by shining a light on a person’s stool or by placing tape on one’s anus and then removing the tape to see if there are worms or eggs stuck on it.

Next in line are hookworms, which find both our intestines and lungs very hospitable. They are usually acquired when we ingest contaminated food or water. They can also be contracted by direct entry through the skin, in which case their entry point may remain red or itchy even after they have entered our system. The most common symptoms of these parasitic worms are dry cough, wheezing and fever. And once they lodge in our intestinal tract, they can cause abdominal pain, appetite loss, diarrhea and anemia.

Measuring as much as 20 feet long, tapeworms are considered to be the most notorious of all parasitic worms. They are usually acquired by eating uncooked beef. Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and sudden weight loss are the most common symptoms.

The good news is that these parasite infections are easily cured with use of proper cleansing methods and by making healthy changes in your diet. Wormwood, cloves and walnut hulls are the most commonly used herbs in fighting off these parasites. Regular intake of pumpkin seeds, yogurt and garlic is also recommended to prevent re-infection.

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