Applied Software Project Management Book Review

It’s not often that a software project management book comes along that is practical, easy to read and stacked full of ready to use process scripts. Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene have done just that with recent book Applied Software Project Management.

There are too many books about software project management or software engineering which are dry, overly complex and boring, but this book is not one of them. It was a joy to read because their style of writing is clear without being.

Simplistic and the authors describe things in just the right amount of detail. It seems they understand their audience and set out to write in an extremely helpful and practical way PMP certification . They have certainly achieved this.

Part one of the book covers tools and techniques that can be applied on projects. Project planning, estimation, scheduling, reviews, requirements, design and programming and testing each have their own chapter.

Part two is about using project management effectively and has chapters on understanding change, management and leadership, managing an outsourcing project and process improvement.

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