Feng Shui Interpretation of Yin Rooms and Yang Rooms

Many people are familiar with the terms “yin” and “yang” and the Yin-Yang symbol from Chinese metaphysics, also known as the Tai Qi symbol  마곡노래방. These yin and yang attributes can be used to categorize countless comparative studies or observations in life. A doctor of Orientation Medicine will determine yin and yang aspects to a person’s constitutional health, for example. There are also yin and yang hours in a day and times of the year.

Specific to Feng Shui, there are many associations and references to yin and yang, including determining what is simply the front (yang) versus the back sides of a house. We can also categorize individual rooms based on Yin-Yang Theory.

Initially, we can describe a room as Yin if it has Yin attributes like being dark or small or cool in temperature. Comparatively, a Yang room will be more bright, larger and warmer in temperature. There are other indicators of what makes a room feel Yin or Yang and much of the time this is palpable or even visually obvious. Rooms with high or low ceilings, empty or cluttered could also take on yin or yang attributes.

In formal studies, the distinctions for the Yin or Yang rooms also come down to their function. What kinds of activities take place in the room? Generally speaking, sleeping rooms are referred to as Yin. They are, for the most art, still and quiet when sleeping is the activity. A meditation room could also be seen as a type of Yin room. In contrast, wakeful rooms and entrances are more on the Yang side, for both homes and certainly for businesses.

The reason we classify a room as Yin or Yang is because this distinction will also help determine the ideal or correct approach in balancing the energies of that room. No room is just holding a singular type of energy, rather a mixture of energy. And we want to cater to the Yin energy more for the Yin room and the Yang energy more for the Yang room. We will also be predictably influenced more by the yin energy in the Yin room and the Yang energy in the Yang room. This is where Feng Shui can get technical and requires training to understand and the ability to execute.

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