What Everyone Should Know About Credit Card

Definition: Credit card (usually plastic) is a card that assures a seller that the person using it has a satisfactory credit rating and that the issuer will see to it that the seller receives payment for the merchandise delivered. Meanwhile, credit card allows consumer to purchase products without cash at hand and to pay for them at a later date.

Description: Credit card is inform of a plastic card that contains the information about the cardholders account, a 16 digits number of the card, issuing bank logo, hologram, card brand logo, expiry date and the cardholder’s name.

What Is a Credit Card Cash Advance? - NerdWallet

On the reverse side of the card is: Card security code,Magnetic Strip “it is short strip of magnetic tape attached to a credit card, it a data that will tell reading 소액결제현금화 device who you are and what your account number is” and signature strip.

Obtaining processes In brief: Credit cards are issued by Banks or Companies in collaboration with credit card issuer to individuals. Meanwhile, credit cards are issued after an account has been approved by the card provider, after which the cardholder can use it to make purchase at merchants accepting that card.

Credit card can be used to make purchase without cash at hand.
Low interest credit cards or even 0% interest credit cards are available.However,the low interest or 0% credit cards may not last longer than a year.

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