Airsoft Gun Types – Spring, Gas and Electric (AEG)

From physically worked spring stacked guns to completely programmed electric rifles, the assortment of firearms accessible to airsoft players today is tremendous. Airsoft players have more choices than any time in recent memory while picking what sorts of weapons to add to their assortments. The firearms utilized for airsoft can be categorized as one of three primary classes in view of how they are fueled:

Spring Loaded

Spring stacked firearms discharge single shots utilizing the potential energy put away in a spring, which is compacted when the weapon is positioned and afterward delivered when you shoot. Positioning a spring stacked firearm packs the spring in anticipation of the following fired, so spring stacked weapons should be positioned before each shot.

As a rule, spring stacked airsoft weapons cost not exactly their electric or internal combustion partners, making them well known starter firearms for novices to the game. Most experienced players lean toward electric or gas airsoft weapons for their power and 5.56 ammo in stock feel.


Electric weapons, additionally called airsoft AEGs (programmed electric firearms) as a result of their programmed or self-loader capacities, use an electric engine controlled by a battery-powered battery to cycle an inward cylinder or spring that shoot the pellets. Due to their power, execution and authenticity, AEGs are the most well-known type you will see utilized in the game of airsoft and are likewise the most generally accessible.


Gas weapons are fueled by compressed gas – as either green gas or CO2 – that is utilized to impel pellets from the chamber. Not at all like spring stacked firearms, gas airsoft weapons don’t need to be physically positioned before each shot. Internal combustion airsoft weapons are famous for their power and accuracy. They are additionally named either non-blowback or blowback airsoft weapons.

A blowback airsoft firearm will have a slide that kicks back each time a shot is discharged, copying the vibe of shooting a genuine weapon. Non-blowback firearms, then again, have fixed slides and pistols, and don’t kick back as blowback weapons do. Non-blowback weapons give airsofters a conservative option in contrast to blowback gas firearms, but since of their authenticity blowback firearms stay the most well known kind of gas firearm.

Concluding which sort of firearm you like for the game of airsoft may simply take some experimentation. Numerous airsoft players have various sorts of firearms to use for various purposes.

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