Could a Biometric Gun Safe Save Your Kid’s Life?

 Could a Biometric Gun Safe Save Your Kid’s Life?

This article is written from the point of view of one gun owner (parent and biometric gun safe owner) to another gun owner (possible parent and standard safe owner) .38 special ammo . Each time you take your handgun out to go shooting I am sure you go through a series of safety checks to make sure everything will go OK. The routine can get monotonous and that’s when mistakes can happen.


We have all seen the commercial on T.V. with the kids playing in the house and the one kid yells to the other “Hey look what I found”. The next thing is a black screen and a gunshot. I cringe every time it comes on. I am sure if you too have children you are not fond of it either. That is one of the main reasons I got my biometric gun safe and it is the exact reason I am taking the time to explain them to you.

How They Work

Simply put, a biometric gun safes operate by the use of fingerprints. Some people refer to them as fingerprint gun safes. The locking system is unlocked by quickly scanning your fingerprint over a small screen and that’s it. Now considering you are the only one that has your fingerprints and that they are always with you it is a very secure way to protect your firearms.

How many times have you lost the keys to something? It could be your car keys or house keys. Is the key to your gun holding safe on the same key ring as the rest of your keys? How often are those keys just laying on the kitchen counter or that special “key” bowl by the front door? The key to your gun safes provide a weak link in the security of your weapon. Maybe some reading this are guilty of an even bigger offense. Is that key to your gun safe stored with the safe? Maybe it is right next to the safe in a dresser drawer.

Children will always find a way and their curiosity will always get the better of them. This concept did

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