5 Reasons to Hire an Arborist

So why hire an Arborist? When you invest your money into an Arborist you will be guaranteed of the works outcome. There will be no guessing games involved and a treatment plan will be laid out and explained to you. An Arborist will hold their ground when it comes to a suggestion you may make that will not benefit your trees health.

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Here are the top 5 reasons you should hire an Arborist instead of somebody who may think they can treat your trees.

1) The biggest benefit is you are getting knowledge and skill. An Arborist has a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of tree care. He can answer questions clearly and precisely without having to take a guess Arborist PPE. He/she will make suggestions to you as a homeowner on how to better your trees health. An Arborist will not just show up and take your money for an inferior service. Every Arborist has to take an oath for the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure he will uphold all standards of the tree care industry.

2) A Certified Arborist will have all proper insurances in order to work on your property. This is a risk you can not afford to take because you can be held liable for any accident that may occur on your property including injury or death.

3) An Arborist will have all proper equipment to do whatever task is necessary. A little known fact is that if a pruning tool is used on a diseased tree and then used on a healthy tree; the disease can be spread this way. An arborist will always have clean sharp tools to make precise cuts and protect against the spread of pathogens.

4) A Certified Arborist will have many references you can call and check. This is to satisfy you as the customer and also give the Arborist a better reputation. These references will be available upon request, so request them!

An arborist is a professional who studies arboriculture and specializes in the care of individual trees. Arborists are knowledgeable about the health and safety of trees, and they are trained to provide proper care. As tree work can be potentially dangerous, hiring an arborist is an investment that can lead to healthier trees, which can beautify the community and increase the value of a property.

Arborists are well-trained and certified professionals who provide a wide variety of services. After performing inspections, they determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain the appearance, health, and safety of trees. When the removal of a tree is deemed necessary, arborists have the skills and equipment to safely remove problematic trees. When an emergency occurs, these professionals are also the first ones on the scene with their climbing helmets on. Damaged trees can be a great risk to the community’s safety and arborist can assist in providing immediate emergency tree care. In addition, they can provide consulting services on the planting of trees, proper fertilization techniques, pest control, and other important aspects of tree care.

Typically, arborists gain qualifications to practice in the field through experience, formal certification, or both. In the United States, being a Certified Arborist (CA) requires over three years of experience and the completion of a rigorous written test. However, while knowledge is essential, it takes more than the understanding of arborist books to be an effective arborist. In order to be an effective arborist, one must also equip themselves with the proper arborist climbing gears and equipments.

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