Tips for Buying Your First Pair of Walking Shoes

Buying your first pair of walking shoes can seem like a daunting task with all the choices available on the market buty wolka. Luckily, a few simple tips can make the process of finding the perfect pair of walking shoes for your lifestyle a lot easier.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “best” shoe on the market. Everything depends on what fits you best, and best suits your needs. Your own personal need for support, flexibility, cushioning and your walking style all combine to affect what could make up the best shoe for them.

One of the most important tips involves when you go shoe shopping. Going after a walk, or at the end of the day allows for a fit more like what you will be experiencing while walking, since your foot will be slightly swollen. It is also important to wear the same style of socks that you will be wearing during walks, as something that small can make a huge difference, especially when compounded over many hikes.

Often, your walking shoe size can differ greatly from your regular shoe size because of the swelling that occurs during walking. For a lot of people, the walking shoe size will range from being a half size to a size and half greater than their regular shoe size.

Shoes for walking require different features than shoes for running or athletics. Walking shoes should be flexible. Test this by attempting to bend and twist the shoes. You’ll want the shoe to move with your feet as you flex them during steps instead of pushing back at you. The heel of the shoe should be flat. It should also bevel inward, instead of flaring out, to keep your walking stance correct. Heels that flare out prevent the natural rolling motion of your steps, which can cause potential injuries. Flared heels are typically designed to provide running stability, but can prevent the natural heel strike and roll necessary for walkers.

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